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Re: micing a grand piano

Posted by Puke on October 25, 2000 at 06:31:06 PM:

In Reply to: micing a grand piano posted by Kevin on October 25, 2000 at 08:15:04 AM:

A big question that may have a material impact
would be "what grand piano are you recording???"
Probably, you wouild not want to get the mic's to closes.
A common mistake made (meaning, EQ the shit out
of it later to fix it), is to have the micing too
close. For some reason, you loose some of the
brightness (not a good word, in this case but I
can't think of the correct term) if it's too close.
Even if you have a mic for every string (I never tried
that many) I'll bet you won't like close micing on
piano. With close mics the piano itself will get
in the way of a lot of stuff in the mix. But if
you start out about the distance you would on drum
overheads, it's probably a good start. 95% of the time
you'll want the piano on a hard reflective (soundwise)
surface such as concrete or wood.
Usually, if you try to make the piano sound "bigger than
life" when recording it. You'll regret it later.
If you go for the "just a piano" sound, you'll probably
have less problems later. By the way, my input is
from a large format analog discrete sort of a perspective.
So if you are digital, it may not apply at all. I know
the digital domain is way different unless you're talking
talking mitsubishi or something.
Anyway, I hope my babble helped.

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