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Re: Fletcher Munson shortcut?

Posted by db on October 17, 2000 at 09:16:56 PM:

In Reply to: Fletcher Munson shortcut? posted by Jon B on October 17, 2000 at 07:28:49 PM:

Very interesting....I feel that a knowledge of
Fletcher Munson is absolutly essential to all sound engineers in every audio field. I prefer to
do tracking at variable levels to hear things clearly, but usually monitor around 85db spl. Now , when mastering, I keep levels at about 85db all the time. You get used to it, and if anything
sounds (out of place) you can tell right away. So IMO , there is no shortcut. My only question is, What is the best way to set up that ideal level? Is it pink noise at 85db?, or test tone at 85db?,
It would seem the test tone would generate to many standing waves and peeks and nulls. I use a radio shack sound level meter on the c weighting. Of course the reading is taken when the vu's are at 0, and the monitor system is aligned for power. Any thoughts?

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