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Multiple Soundcards

Posted by Slider on October 15, 2000 at 10:01:09 PM:

Since I am thinking about getting a new soundcard to use with my audio equipment, I have a question about compatability. I have a Dell Dimension 700MHz computer that already has a soundcard in it that I use with my external speakers. I also have another slot for an extra card, be it a modem, or audio. If I were to get an audio card for recording, can I leave the original in and use it to power the external speakers, or do I have to replace it with the new one? And if I can use both at the same time, does a playback signal from the computer go out both soundcards so I can both hear it from the computer monitors and record it on my external 8-track or DAT? What kinds of internal setups do I have to do to accomodate two cards?

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