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Subt 6 UPDATE!

Posted by Crippled Rich on October 09, 2000 at 10:14:49 AM:

ok folks - got my 'puter back.

Will be working on SubT 6 this week - I need to redo the CD booklets ETC - - - at least I remember where I stole, er, I meanm, downloaded the grpahics. I used some stuff from a royalty free graphics/photography site - which is where I get lots of cool stuff.

As soon as I get some software re-installed _ get to editing I'll get this thing done finally. Thanks to all for hanging in there.

I'm telling you everyone will be happy - some good work here done by all.

Crip Rich (hard drive back in business)

At least I had some backups of important mastered Subt tunes - just gotta do minor editing _ arranging (cutting beginnings _ end of songs etc to kill dead space blah blah and more tedious boring but necessary stuff).

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